I'm hungry is a level 1+ quest given to the player by Innkeeper Ilgith after you have completed the quest Training.


"We just fed you the last Larva soup in the house!!"

"Due to all people we've taken care of, food has been scarce lately."

"If you want more food you need to help us get some. Larvae are well known for their delicious juice."

"To the west you will find a hole in the ground, that's their lair. Go and hunt down some and bring me their juice so I can prepare more larva-soup for you."

  • After leaving the inn head west and you will find a hole in the ground. This is the Larva Lair.
  • Once inside just kill some larva while being mindful your HP and you will soon have what you need.
  • When you have gathered 3 Larva Juices you can go back to Ilgith.

"You did it!"

"These larvae will give a real think and good taste to the soup."

Quest Complete.